Site Map

The website is organized as follows:

  • A banner header containing: Language selection, direct access
  • One or several menus
  • Page contents are displayed centre page
  • Access to other services is via the page footer: Site map, site information (legal notices), contact information, RSS feed and access to a printable version

Navigation Help Keyboard Shortcuts

Please note: Do not use the numeric keypad

The following shortcuts may be used on this website:

  • Key 1 - Home page
  • Key 2 – Direct Access
  • Key 3 – Search the site
  • Key 4 – Site contents
  • Key 5 – Site map
  • Key 6 - Acknowledgements and legal notices
  • Key 7 - Contact
  • Key 8 – Accessibility
  • Key 9 – Printable version

Key combinations to activate shortcuts are different for each browser:

  • Internet Explorer for Windows: Alt + [keyboard shortcut] + Enter
  • Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox for Windows: Alt + [keyboard shortcut] 
  • Opera 7 for Windows, Macintosh and Linux: Shift + Esc + [keyboard shortcut]
  • Safari for Macintosh: Ctrl + [keyboard shortcut] 

Other Navigation Help

You can use "Tab" to pass from link to link throughout the page.

Compliance with Internet Standards

This site tries to be as "user friendly" as possible. Which means that we would like to offer as much access to actual site information as possible. This goal inspires us to apply several W3C accessibility recommendations to the best of our ability, paying specific attention to the following:

  • Images identified by relevant alternative text
  • Appropriate colour contrasts for easy reading
  • Correctly structured and uniformly presented pages
  • Notification of language changes
  • The opening of new windows is limited as much as possible and the user is informed beforehand
  • All forms are labelled 

From the start, this site was designed to comply with current HTML and CSS standards. Since then, we have made every effort to maintain a high quality website. However, given the website's fundamentally dynamic and interactive nature, certain website contents may be inadvertently and temporarily inoperable or damaged.

Some sections of the website are currently not included in the aforementioned, and are usually under construction.